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Illustration of people looking at a website that says "Maximizing Impact" for Giving Tuesday.

Maximizing Impact: Crafting an Engaging Nonprofit Website for Giving Tuesday & Beyond

As Giving Tuesday nears, nonprofits globally are preparing for one of the year’s most significant fundraising events. In today’s digital landscape, your website is the core of your organization online, blending storytelling, engagement, and donations. This guide is designed to ensure your nonprofit’s website is not just operational, but genuinely compelling and ready to spark …

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A team evaluating the reports while improving their CRM efficiency.

Improving CRM Efficiency: Making Your CRM Work Smarter, Not Harder

At CauseLabs, we understand that improving CRM efficiency is crucial for maintaining competitive edge and customer satisfaction. This article offers practical steps to refine your CRM, ensuring it’s not just working harder, but smarter, for your business. CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a crucial tool for businesses to effectively manage interactions with current and …

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A person holds a bundle of glowing holiday lights in their hands

Doing Good Business

When the success of a business relies on more than just passion, how do we hold true to our values and why we started our business?

A hand-drawn website wireframe

The Power of Clickable Prototypes

A clickable prototype links multiple screens together via hotspots that are interacted with via click or tap. The result is a testable, easy-to-update solution to a design problem that users can experience.

A man wearing headphones works at a computer station.

Advanced REST API Design

In our previous post, we covered the basics of designing a REST API: defining endpoints, using HTTP verbs and performing common read-write operations on data. In this chapter, we’re going to introduce some advanced use and edge cases you may want to consider in order to give your REST API a sound and long-lasting design.

A desk with two monitors displaying code.

What you need to know about REST.

If you are a developer and you’ve worked in any modern web application, I’m sure this term rings a bell for you. REST stands for Representational State Transfer. If you’re already familiar with the basics, hop over to our look at Advanced REST API design. If you’re in need of an intro, lets dive in and you’ll see why this architectural style has become a de-facto industry standard for back-end APIs.

A classroom with students and teacher engaged in learning.

5 Considerations for Designing a Learning Management System

If you’re the leader of an organization that offers a curriculum-based program to build young minds, you may be looking to take your impact further by leveraging some type of learning management system. As you may have already discovered, it’s no easy feat.

A white dog swimming in a pool.

Analogous Learning and the Path to Staying Curious

When I was 6 years old, I started taking swim lessons. It was at the swimming complex at the University of Tennessee, where I remember watching the diving team practice from the 10 meter platform in complete, terrified awe. Lucky for me, I started with blowing bubbles in the shallow end. Slowly, we progressed to a swimming stroke: the doggy paddle. Did you hear that right? The doggy paddle. The instructor was teaching us how to swim like a dog.

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