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CauseLabs CEO Named ‘Great Women of Texas’ Honoree

CauseLabs CEO Sheryle Gillihan was named one of 2022’s Great Women of Texas. Gillihan received the honor last month from The Fort Worth Business Press. Honorees are selected for their professional accomplishments and community service in Texas and beyond. Gillihan said she gives back to the community by volunteering her time and professional talents and …

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How to Build a Better Resource Site

Socks strewn about your home are more difficult to find than those paired nicely in a drawer. Likewise, knowing how to build a better resource site for your organization can save your audience from chaos when seeking information. Having a well-constructed resource site is like providing your audience with an orderly sock drawer filled with …

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2022 Supported Browsers List

Browser testing no longer means attempting to make a website look the same in browsers of different capabilities or on devices with different size screens. However, it does mean ensuring someone’s experience of a design should be appropriate to the capabilities of their browser or device. Our supported browsers list helps communicate what is covered …

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North Texas Companies to Support

CauseLabs loves giving back, whether it’s on a global, national, state, or local scale. Recently, we see the importance of building back strength and sustainability into our local economy. That’s why we’re encouraging you to shop and dine locally this holiday season and year-round. For collaborators located near our headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, we …

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Shopping with Brands Doing Good

Every purchasing decision you make has the power to change the world a little. The idea behind conscious consumerism is that it’s worth looking beyond the label to make a difference. Many companies today aren’t content with doing well. They want to give back through their products and revenue. Consider shopping brands doing good this …

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The Best Nonprofit Websites

Your nonprofit’s website isn’t just an outward expression of the positive impact you’re making in the world. It can make or break the perception of your brand, and determine whether visitors join you in supporting your mission.  The best nonprofit websites have clear messaging, design, and accessibility that centers donors, tells the organization’s story, and …

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A coffee cup and pen on top of a paper with the words printed: Gratitude Changes Everything

Using Tech to Show Gratitude

It’s the season for giving thanks. But the end of the year may have snuck up on you like the Grinch stealing Cindy Lou Who’s Christmas tree. Now you need help using tech to show gratitude this holiday season. This post will offer some suggestions and provide a way to weave the Thanksgiving spirit into …

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User Behaviors Shaping the Web

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing user behaviors shaping the web. Whether it’s the rise in remote work, the increase in families opting to homeschool, or the boom in next-day deliveries, learning from these behaviors can help your nonprofit adapt to emerging technologies. What User Behaviors Shaping the Web Mean for Nonprofits Behaviors people engage in …

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