Mike Rich

Senior Product Designer

Mike represents CauseLabs as the creative lead on some of our largest projects. Recently, he has led design on projects for Faith Comes by Hearing, connecting hundreds of millions of users across thousands of languages to Scripture via engaging web, mobile, and smart tv applications, University of Cincinnati Economics Center’s $martPath, empowering teachers of grades 1-6 to engage their classrooms with financial literacy curriculum using interactive games and animated video, SOLO, helping keep adventurers safe with iOS and Android apps, and MyPath, equipping youth with a mobile web experience designed to help track spending and meet savings goals while teaching how to be smart with money earned from their first jobs. Mike lives in Lebanon, Ohio with his wife and three children.

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Managing Stress in a Global Pandemic

Ah, stress. The effects of stress show up for all of us in different ways, but we all know it well, and we are becoming even more acquainted with it in recent days. How do we manage stress in times like these? What even is it?  For me, it helps to look at some of …

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A classroom with students an teacher engaged in learning.

5 Considerations for Designing a Learning Management System

If you’re the leader of an organization that offers a curriculum-based program to build young minds, you may be looking to take your impact further by leveraging some type of learning management system. As you may have already discovered, it’s no easy feat.

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3 Ways to Bring Your Whole Self to Work

We have found that having a culture rooted in authenticity and vulnerability is key to being able to bring our whole selves to work. This kind of culture can be difficult to create, but we’ve found a few tricks to make it easier.

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