A Year for Growth

As of 2017, we reached 250+ million people through our work.

Partnership Overview

We partnered with 27 organizations in 11 cities across the nation.

A graphic displaying a map of the United States and a chart representing the CauseLabs partnerships demographics.
55% of CauseLabs partners secured more funding.
74% of CauseLabs partners experienced growth.
5 CauseLabs partners recieved prestigious awards.

Project Breakdown

We created strategies & solutions for projects across 10 sectors.

Education Tech

7 Projects

Education Tech icon

EdTech keeps students engaged, improves outcomes, makes evaluations easier, and prepares them for the future.

Financial Literacy

5 Projects

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Financial literacy for children and adults is proven to have profound impact on consumers in altering behaviors and improving their socio-economic situation.

Social Impact

6 Projects

Social Impact icon

Our communities prosper most when organizations step up to create initiatives for critical issues that provide measurable, sustainable solutions.

CauseLabs served many other sectors in 2018

Other projects improved outcomes in food scarcity, advocacy, civic engagement, family development, health, access, international development, water and sanitation, and workforce development.

Financial Review

Our B Corp scores are high in employee wages, benefits, culture, diversity and transparency.


Of our revenue went directly to employee compensation, benefits & contractor wages.


Of our revenue paid for professional services such as legal fees for our PBC conversion, 3rd-party quality audits, accounting, taxes, HR, and insurance fees.


Of our employees and contractors are paid a living wage. The majority of our employees are paid an average or above average wage for their role in our sector, market, and regions.

Learnings from 2017

With 74% of our projects at discounted rates for nonprofits, we fell short of our profitability goals. We recognize the need for more corporate partners either as clients or sponsors of our nonprofit work to achieve greater ongoing sustainability.

Impact By the Numbers

In 2017, we focused on company stability and healthy growth while continuing our social impact.

CauseLabs team data.

Giving Back

As a distributed team, we’re able to reach out to our own local communities to further our impact as CauseLabbers. In 2017 we volunteered our time and talents at 21 different nonprofit organizations across the world. Here are some of our favorites:

A group of logos representing several of the organizations CauseLabs at which has volunteered.

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