Web Development

Your goal is to make a positive impact with your organization, which can be difficult without the right web development partner.

Impact Through Technology

The people your organization serves have unique needs and desires. Through a web development process of getting to know the people, the problems they face, and the systems they operate within, CauseLabs partners with you to make the impossible possible.

Custom Platforms

You are the experts at your organization. We are the experts at developing the technology that is specific to your organization. Whether it’s building a responsive website, providing worldwide access to digital libraries, or a full-featured web-based management and assessment platform, CauseLabs takes pride in crafting not just the web design but the inner-workings and integrations that make those systems work.

Building Experiences

Seamless Continual Collaboration

To support your vision, we partner with your organization to ensure optimal web development. We start by learning from you during onsite visits and in-person or virtual meetings using a tool like Zoom. We empower your organization to make decisions that help you reach your full potential.

Growth to Ensure Impact

To make the most significant difference, your organization needs to meet the needs of those you serve. To do that, you first need to reach those you serve by growing your online presence. By partnering with CauseLabs, you can position your website to help you do that. 


Factors to consider when you’re looking to elevate exposure include:

  • Accessibility. Accessibility is about serving those with disabilities seen and unseen. From language and cultural preferences to screen readers and ALT text, there are factors to consider when designing a website. The more inclusive your website is, the better. Everyone’s experience matters. 
  • Features. Your website’s core features should fill needed gaps for those you serve. From gated membership areas to custom integrations, you want your website to meet your audience's needs. 
  • Security. Without maintenance, security and care your website or application will eventually have a problem and will become harder and more costly to maintain. We’ve put together a free guide to help you protect your nonprofit website.  

How CauseLabs Can Help Accomplish Your Goals

You want to scale your impact. We can help. 


We can provide web development expertise including: 

  • Software Development 
  • Web Applications
  • API Development
  • Custom Integrations
  • Data Architecture
  • Product Management
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Web Development Projects that Impact the World

Your website has the potential to impact the world. Like these organizations, you can entrust your vision to us in a partnership that will elevate your mission.

  • SmartPath. The University of Cincinnati Economics Center (UCEC) saw a need for earlier economic and financial education. CauseLabs built a web-based learning management system and assessment software to deliver a unique experience for SmartPath, a tool for educators and students as young as Kindergarten to better understand credit, avoid financial pitfalls, and successfully manage their money.
  • Dadtime Mobile App. CauseLabs client MDRC partnered with Just Beginnings, a program that helps low-income fathers build parenting skills with their young children, is in fatherhood programs across the U.S. In a study exploring how technology might benefit, amplify and accelerate impact, CauseLabs developed a cross-platform mobile app, Dadtime, that equips fathers with automated program attendance reminders and a simple way to apply what they learn when they are with their child.
  • OpenIDEO. OpenIDEO is an open innovation community of practice, enabling people to collaborate and design solutions for the world’s toughest challenges. As it scaled, IDEO wanted to make its tools more accessible. CauseLabs created a full-featured custom social network to scale IDEO’s programs globally. 

The positive impact you want to make with your organization is unique. Your vision and goals, as well as the needs of the people you serve, are at the forefront of CauseLabs’ web development team. Together, we can use technology to change the world for the better.


We're experts in using web development for good. Contact us today.

Areas of Focus

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    Web Apps
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    API Development
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    Data Architecture
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    Product Management

The Result?

A custom website that scales your company's impact in the world.

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