About Us

Compassion meets innovation.

We build software for great causes.

Our mission is to grow positive impact.

We leverage 15 years of experience and expertise in technology to help companies scale their impact through strategy, design, and custom software development.

Technology is driving growth and transforming the globe. We believe it's a powerful tool for growing businesses, but also for equalizing the inequities of our world, providing opportunity, giving voice and dignity to those that need uplifting, educating our next generation of leaders, and helping us become better global citizens.  Together with our partners, we are using technology as a force for good.

Our Core Team

Sheryle Gillihan

Chief Executive Officer

Fort Worth, TX

Michael Gillihan

Chief Operating Officer

Fort Worth, TX

Rebecca Colgate

Director of Project Management

Denver, CO

Mike Rich

Senior Product Designer

Cincinnati, OH

Benjamin Fausch

Lead Web Engineer

Denver, CO

We're Hiring!

Join the team!

Anytown, USA

Mirandy McNeely

Executive Assistant

Fort Worth, TX

Jason Campbell

Senior Web Engineer

Lakewood, CO

Bill Kremer

Web Engineer

Minneapolis, MN

We're proud to work with leading changemakers.

It's time for your company to grow.

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