Investing in the Greater Good

CauseLabs strives to be the best for the world.

Partnership Overview

We partnered with 23 organizations in 12 cities.

CauseLabs has done business with 20 Non-profits and 3 B Corp businesses in 2018
CauseLabs helps non-profits secure more funding
CauseLabs Helps Businesses Experience Growth
5 CauseLabs partners recieved prestigious awards.

Project Breakdown

We created strategies & solutions for projects across 9 sectors.

Education Tech

4 Projects

Education Tech icon

EdTech makes evaluations easier, and can also keep students engaged, equalizes access to quality education, improve outcomes and better prepares our youth for the future.

Financial Literacy

4 Projects

Financial Literacy icon

Financial literacy for both children and adults is proven to have profound impact on altering consumer behaviors and thus, improving their socio-economic situation.

Social Impact

11 Projects

Social Impact icon

Our communities prosper when organizations step up to create initiatives that tackle critical issues and provide measurable, sustainable solutions for economic development.

CauseLabs served many other sectors in 2018

Other projects improved outcomes in food scarcity, advocacy and building communities of practice, civic engagement, family development, health, and workforce development.


CauseLabs strives to be a partner in achieving the global sustainable development goals (SDGs) and in 2018, our team worked on 11 projects focused on reducing inequalities.

Financial Review

Our B Corp certification scores are high in employee benefits, diversity and transparency.


Of our revenue went directly to employee compensation, benefits & contractor wages.


Of our revenue paid for professional services such as legal fees, B Corp certification, 3rd-party quality audits, accounting, taxes and insurance fees.


Of our employees and contractors are paid a living wage and the majority are paid an average or above average wage for their role in our sector and market.


Of our revenue in 2018 will be reinvested into CauseLabs for continued growth. Using resources wisely has allowed us to grow our team and explore new service offerings.

Learnings from 2018

In 2018, CauseLabs joined an inclusive economy challenge to improve our team's understanding and actions towards diversity and inclusion. All CauseLabbers certified in anti-harassment training and CauseLabs started the quarterly “hour of power” to discuss inclusion challenges in the workplace. Our D&I policy will be included in future proposals so that we are creating a culture of inclusion not only as an internal team, but also amongst our partnerships. 


It’s because of these initiatives, alongside our benefits and radical respect that CauseLabs was awarded Best for the World: Workers and Top Companies for Women.

Impact By the Numbers

CauseLabs biggest shift in 2018 was tracking, reducing and offsetting its carbon footprint.

An infographic displaying CauseLabs team data.

Giving Back

As a distributed team, we’re able to reach out to our own local communities to further our impact as CauseLabbers. In 2018, our team offered their time, talents and treasure to over 45 different nonprofit organizations across the world. Here are some favorites:

Our team volunteered at over 500 hours in 2018

Environmental Impact

How does a remote team become even more environmentally sustainable?

Green Vendors

CauseLabs uses green vendors to align our dollars with our values

In 2018, CauseLabs evaluated its vendors and measured their impact on the environment to help ensure we are partnered with suppliers who align with our environmental goals.

Greater Awareness

CauseLabs is tracking environmental impact to raise awareness of our energy consumption

CauseLabs reduced 25,480 lbs of CO2 in 2018 by working remotely. We aim to further reduce our energy consumption by offering incentives for energy efficient home offices.

Carbon Offsets

CauseLabs purchases carbon offsets to balance it's impact on the environment

37,478 lbs of carbon offsets were purchased in 2018 reducing our carbon footprint by 38% and we're committed to using our dollars to help create a more sustainable ecosystem.

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