2022 Supported Browsers and Device List

Our supported browsers and device list helps communicate what is covered in our quality assurance testing when CauseLabs delivers a new website or web application. These are based on statistics obtained from GlobalStats statcounter (https://gs.statcounter.com/). The following is our 2022 supported browsers and device list:

Chrome: latest version available
Safari: latest version available
Firefox: latest version available
Edge on Windows 11: latest version available

Android Devices:
Samsung S2x (to be available in 2022)
Samsung S10 / OS 11
Google Pixel 6 / OS 11
Google Pixel / OS 10
Google Pixel 3 / OS 9 (As Required)

iOS Devices:
iPhone 12 / iOS 15
iPhone X / IOS 13 (As Required)
iPhone 8 / iOS 14
iPhone Mini / iOS 15

iPad Pro 10.5 / iOS 15

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