CauseLabs Earns 2 Top Business Awards for Global Impact

A Fort Worth-based tech company with the mission to grow positive impact welcomed the new year by receiving two top business awards. 

CauseLabs was named a Top Impact Company by Real Leaders magazine and a Top 100 organization by The Fort Worth Business Press. It’s CauseLabs’ second year to receive the Real Leaders award.

“It’s always an honor to be recognized for our efforts to build and lead an impact-driven company,” CauseLabs CEO Sheryle Gillihan said. “Every time we receive an award I am reminded of how far we’ve come in our journey and how many people have an impact in what we’re able to produce. I am also reminded of the long-lasting effects of that work and that the award honors all of us — our past and present teams, all of our clients, our local and global community, and the users of the websites and applications we’ve built. 

“We may never truly know the exponential impact of every action, but we know we have to try our best to make a positive impact.”

Gillihan is pictured with Michael Gillihan, CauseLabs’ chief operating officer, on the cover of the awards edition of Real Leaders magazine. The magazine named CauseLabs No. 13 in the technology category and No. 173 overall for Top Impact companies. This year’s awards recognized 200 companies from around the world that strive to make the world better. This year’s rankings also took into account how the pandemic affected the global economy, the companies’ growth plans, and their impact scores. 

CauseLabs is No. 93 on The Fort Worth Business Press’ Top 100 awards list. The awards honor top businesses and business leaders in the Fort Worth area.

Business Awards: Real Leaders Impact Awards Badge 2022

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