CEO Sheryle Gillihan Acquires CauseLabs

Fort Worth, October 22, 2018 — Sheryle Gillihan, CEO of CauseLabs, PBC, is pleased to announce her acquisition of the company effective October 22, 2018. CauseLabs has incorporated as a Texas public benefit corporation and is retaining its name. The company will also maintain its status as a certified B corporation and will continue to use technology as a force for good by providing strategy, design and custom software development services.

Company changes include the state of incorporation, the FEIN, and its legal address. Contracts with staff, clients and vendors shall remain intact and transfer with the sale.

This transfer of ownership is made possible with the assistance of Cle Royal from the Tarrant SBDC and in partnership with Community Reinvestment Fund, USA (CRF). CRF’s alignment with CauseLabs’ company values to positively improve lives and their policies towards equity, diversity, and inclusion made them the perfect lender.

After eight years with CauseLabs, Sheryle views this as a natural next step in her journey of social entrepreneurship. CauseLabs and its founder Azin Mehrnoosh introduced Sheryle and many of the other staff members to the world of social enterprises, providing an opportunity for business and our personal passions for serving the greater good to come together harmoniously.

“Joining CauseLabs in 2010 was a leap of faith because I was stepping out of a VP position into a project manager role, but I don’t regret it. CauseLabs is a special company and it allowed me to explore and find my purpose. In my various roles at the company, I’ve learned not only about business and technology, but also about social enterprise, conscious capitalism, benefit corporations, impact investing, sustainable development goals, and the many challenges we aim to solve in the social sector. Through one of my projects, I also uncovered my own history with poverty.” On the decision to purchase the company Sheryle stated,  “Despite my affinity for CauseLabs, this was a huge family decision. Acquiring CauseLabs is the largest impact investment we’ve made to date. It’s incredible how much has transpired in eight years, and even though I’m not the original founder, I feel connected to CauseLabs’ mission and I believe I am where I am meant to be. I am grateful to my husband, Michael Gillihan, for all of his support in this decision and his excitement for this next stage in our business endeavors. I am grateful to our advisors and supporters in this decision. And finally, I am ever grateful to Azin for all the guidance and trust he’s afforded me over the years. I will carry on his legacy while also creating my own. Today, CauseLabs is a woman-owned, minority-owned, veteran-owned, and family-owned social enterprise and public benefit corporation. The company makeup is diverse and inclusive of all races, genders, ages, sexual orientation, faiths, economic backgrounds and disabilities. We’re small, but powerful.”  

About CauseLabs, PBC:  CauseLabs is the first and only public benefit corporation and certified B corporation registered in Tarrant County, Texas. It strives to be an ambassador for accountable capitalism and to help other companies use business as a force for good. Since 2003, the expert team at CauseLabs has helped companies solve problems and embrace opportunities to scale their business with technology. Through strategic workshops, designing and developing custom software solutions, and analyzing data to measure results, CauseLabs has worked with hundreds of organizations to use technology for the greater good.

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