WordPress for Your Nonprofit Website

Top 10 Considerations When Choosing Your CMS

Are you considering WordPress for your nonprofit website? Below, we’ll share 10 reasons why WordPress might be an excellent choice for your organization. In fact, 60% of nonprofit websites use WordPress as their content management system (CMS).

1. Cost Considerations: WordPress Can Be a Cost-Effective Choice

Budgets are tight, and WordPress is open-source, which means it’s free to use if you have the skillset to implement it yourself! This allows you to allocate precious funds to other vital areas of your mission. If you aren’t a techie, you may be able to find assistance for a basic setup without breaking the bank.

2. Appearance: Easily Customize WordPress for Your Nonprofit Website

With thousands of themes and plugins, WordPress lets you customize your site to reflect your unique mission. You can also choose a nonprofit theme that visually represents your organization. Whether you’re tech-savvy or not, you can easily create a professional-looking site.

3. Growth: WordPress is Extendable and Scalable

WordPress grows with you. As your nonprofit’s needs evolve, WordPress can handle increased traffic and more complex functionalities. The value of an open-source framework extends beyond cost savings, offering flexibility and a vast ecosystem of extensions to support your mission.

Woman with a laptop looking at the Art Jewelry Forum's magazine-style website. An example of a nonprofit website using WordPress.
Art Jewelry Forum reaches thousands with their magazine-style website.

4. Reach: SEO-Friendliness of WordPress for Nonprofits

WordPress is optimized for search engines with its clean code and structure. However, to further enhance your SEO efforts to expand your organic reach, using plugins like Yoast or RankMath can significantly improve your site’s search engine visibility without needing complex SEO strategies.

5. Reliability: Strong Security and Maintenance Options

With regular updates and a large community continuously enhancing security features, WordPress helps keep your site secure. However, your data protection also depends on your hosting provider and whether you have a website care plan to ensure your site remains secure and up-to-date. In addition to the security benefits, regular maintenance is crucial to keep your nonprofit website functioning smoothly.

6. Device Compatibility: Mobile Responsiveness

WordPress ensures your site looks great and functions smoothly across all devices. This is crucial for reaching supporters who are constantly on their phones.

7. Internationalization: Multilingual Support for Global Nonprofit Websites

For global operations, WordPress supports multilingual websites, making it easy to connect with supporters worldwide in their native languages.

8. Extensibility: Extensive Plugin Library

From donation buttons to event calendars, there’s a plugin for almost everything, allowing you to add functionality as your nonprofit grows. Plugins like Charitable or GiveWP for donations, The Events Calendar or Sugar Calendar for managing events, and Gravity Forms or WPForms for creating forms can add significant functionality to your site without extensive coding. There are approximately 60,000 free WordPress plugins in the repository.

Need Help Choosing a Plugin?

Let us help guide your plugin selection. Installing the wrong plugin, choosing incompatible plugins, or adding too many can affect performance, functionality, and security. We have experience vetting WordPress plugins and working with nonprofits.

9. Keeping Up with Tech: Innovation with No-Code Solutions

Developers are constantly innovating as new technologies become available, making it easier for administrators to take advantage of no-code solutions found in the plugin library. This means you can implement powerful features and updates without needing extensive technical knowledge. This paired with the supportive community means your organization can innovate to your heart’s content.

10. Getting Help: Supportive Community

The WordPress community is vast and supportive. You’ll find forums, tutorials, and meetups to help you navigate any challenges. Additionally, there are numerous freelancers and agencies specializing in WordPress, making it easier to find help if you need to go beyond your capabilities. For more resources, visit WP101 Tutorials or the WordPress Developer Hub. For in person connections and support, join a WordCamp conference. They are hosted in various locations around the world.

Isn’t WordPress for Blogs?

Not any more. For over a decade WordPress has been used to create an online stores, business websites, community sites, learning management systems, marketing campaigns, landing pages, web apps, and even an ecosystem of connected platforms. There is a vast array of possibilities.

Is WordPress the Best Option for Your Nonprofit Website?

WordPress empowers your nonprofit to build an engaging website that effectively connects with community members, enhances mission awareness, and drives development efforts. This versatile CMS is trusted by organizations from sectors across the spectrum, including government websites, university sites, corporations, small businesses, associations, and, of course, nonprofits both large and small.

With its SEO-friendly structure, mobile responsiveness, and multilingual support, using WordPress for your nonprofit website helps your organization reach a global audience, enhancing your impact and visibility.

Featured Nonprofit Website Using WordPress

Many successful organizations use WordPress including a recent transition by NASA. Want to see a few examples? Amnesty International, Social Venture Partners, National Geographic Society, Wycliffe Canada and Tarleton State University use WordPress to power their online presence. These sites demonstrate the platform’s versatility and effectiveness.

Nonprofit web design example of Wycliffe Canada. Screenshots of mockups.

Budgeting for a Nonprofit Website Using WordPress

Yes, you can launch a website on a shoestring budget. You can also spend six figures + to build an entire ecosystem of digital solutions powered by or connected to a WordPress website. Many nonprofits budget for redesign update or receive a grant and allocate that very specific amount as a one-time build project. However, your website is like any other part of your organization. It evolves, just as your people, your programs and the technology that powers many of our operations evolve.

Allocating annual funds to manage and maintain your website just as you would any physical brick and mortar operation of your business is a more sustainable solution. If you opt for professional help with setup, theme customization, and ongoing maintenance can save time and prevent issues down the line, ensuring your site is always at its best while you focus on your mission and impact.

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