Our 3 Picks for Holiday Gifting for the Greater Good

Among other things, CauseLabs is known for being a social impact company. We work mostly with clients who fall into the category of serving the greater good. We operate and invest our own dollars into causes that align with our values. And for the past few years, during the holidays, our team has shared a holiday gifting post related to investing with your dollars.

We enjoy putting these gift guides together even though we ourselves do not sell items that would be put into a holiday catalog. After giving thanks in November, we embrace the reality that ’tis the season of gift giving. And unless you want to gift some of your local small businesses or nonprofits with a Website Care Plan (which we’re happy to accommodate of course) we’re likely not on your holiday wishlist. So we share this annual post to help advocate for businesses who are doing good business. These are businesses who we believe are worthy of your attention as you consider the perfect gift for your loved ones. This year, we’re only going to share our top three picks, but you can always look back at our previous lists.

Previous Holiday Gifting Lists

Our 2023 Top Picks for Holiday Gifting

Corporate Gifting: Packed With Purpose

Our pick for corporate gifting, especially when it comes to edible goodies was a tough one because we have for many years been biased towards a particular B Corp bakery who usually tops our list. I mean, who doesn’t love a good brownie variety pack? However, when you are looking for a company with both edible snacks and other great office gifts, Packed with Purpose is a great choice.

This company has been on our approved vendors list for many years. In fact, we started supporting them when they launched their initial business idea campaign (on kickstarter, indiegogo, or gofundme – we can’t remember which) back in the day. This company is a fellow certified B Corp and EO member. We love the variety of things they have offered over the years. They have helped us discover other great cause-oriented companies, local sustainable finds, and share so many stories of impact. This company delivers a beautifully packed box and their Petite & Perfect recently earned the #1 spot on Oprah’s Daily List. Shop Packed with Purpose to find your perfect gift.

Coupon Code for Packed With Purpose

They are currently offering a flash sale to celebrate of Oprah’s selection. Get $10 off your purchase of $50 or more with code: HOLIDAY10. Must purchase by midnight on Friday, 12/15/23. Buy and send now, or choose a future ship date.

Family Gifting: Allbirds

This is a gift for those closer to you because shoes are sized and not one size fits all. Allbirds has made our list before. They continue to increase their commitment to sustainability and we’re still supporting their cause. These wool slippers are on sale and are going fast so grab them while you can: Wool Dweller Slippers

As a climate neutral company ourselves, we love Allbirds sustainability initiatives. Take a few minutes to read up on it and you might find yourself loving their business model as much as you love their shoes: https://www.allbirds.com/pages/sustainable-practices

Allbirds Wool Dweller slippers, Holiday Gifting with brands doing good.

Friends Gifting: The Worthy Co

While you can certainly gift these items to co-workers and family, we think these are great gifts for friends. For us, this one is a local social enterprise based in Fort Worth, Texas. This company was born from a nonprofit model, evolving over time as the women they supported needed more. Not more services or more philanthropy, but a way to contribute to society, a way to find dignified work, a way to move forward from trauma with a company who understands them, supports them, and advocates for them. The women helped through these programs are victims of human trafficking, which is a huge crisis right here in our own cities. CauseLabs has attended several events learning about these issues. What we’ve learned is that we do not have the capacity on our team to properly support those with major trauma. We learned that the right environment is important and having trauma informed specialists is important. While we are not able to create this specific work environment, we are able to support the companies that are able to help them thrive. The Worthy Co enables us to support the fight against human trafficking in a way that makes sense for our company.

The Worthy Co products are beautiful – especially their jewelry which is starting to become recognizable in North Texas.

Conclusion: Make Your Dollars Matters

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season and that you find stories of impact to share along with your gifts. We have fun sharing these posts, but we know there are a lot of great companies out there. We’d love to hear about your favorites. We’d also love to learn about new companies who are making a difference in the world. One day, we envision that every company will be a social impact company.

Going beyond the holidays to support business sustainability? CauseLabs can help. Let’s Talk!

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