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Sustainable Digital Stewardship: A new way to build for the web

For over a decade, CauseLabs has been building for the web. Through hundreds of projects, reaching millions of people with digital technology, we know that it has exponentially compounding impacts on our society and on our organizations. These impacts are both positive and negative, and with our clients, we have learned to be good stewards …

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How To Clear Your Browser Cache

Clearing your cache is a great first step to troubleshooting a website that starts acting strangely all of a sudden, but what exactly does it mean and how do you go about clearing your browser cache?

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Why Location Jittering is Important

We live in an age where everyone is glued to their phones. It’s difficult to imagine leaving home without them, but we don’t often consider how much information our phones might share without our knowledge or consent. Sharing your location is not inherently bad or dangerous. The data gathered and the organizations that receive it …

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Protecting Your Nonprofit Website From Hackers

Hacking has only been illegal since 1986, so it’s a relatively new crime that can be difficult to get ahead of. Hackers target valuable and vulnerable websites. Nonprofit websites frequently collect valuable information and have little security against information theft. Protecting your nonprofit website is crucial to keeping your community safe. Why Do Hackers Target …

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Using Tech to Better Serve Your Community in the New Year

With the new year, there is a new normal. COVID-19 prompted a surge of new technology that can help nonprofits like yours make a greater impact. There are many ways you can consider using tech to better serve your community in the new year. This post will help you understand those considerations. Using Tech to …

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Using Tech to Show Gratitude

It’s the season for giving thanks. But the end of the year may have snuck up on you like the Grinch stealing Cindy Lou Who’s Christmas tree. Now you need help using tech to show gratitude this holiday season. This post will offer some suggestions and provide a way to weave the Thanksgiving spirit into …

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Gathering and Using Donor Data Responsibly

Your nonprofit’s mission is important, and you want to make the most significant impact possible. Which means you can’t depend on one-time donations. You have to cultivate relationships with donors. Using their data responsibly can convert one-time donors into recurring givers who advocate for your organization’s mission. But just because you can gather the data …

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2021 Supported Browsers and Devices

Our supported browsers and device list helps communicate what is covered in our quality assurance testing when CauseLabs delivers a new website or web application. The following is our 2021 supported browsers and device list: Browsers: Chrome: latest version available Safari: latest version available Firefox: latest version available Edge (Chromium) on Windows 10: latest version …

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Financial Empathy — The Promise of FinTech

Many of the factors that determine our social labels and future success are placed upon us at birth. Uncontrollable and at times unfortunate, what can we do to forge new paths for realizing every person’s potential? That is a question that drives our social sector, our development goals, and our philanthropy. The answer is complex …

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Building trust between users and technology

Fostering trust with your users can be a battle, but the rewards you’ll get are worth the fight.

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Balancing Act Demo Puts Fort Worth Budget into the Hands of Neighborhood Leaders

60 attendees participated in the workshop demo where they were tasked with balancing a hypothetical deficit of $4.2 million with a few challenging fiscal options thrown in.

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WordPress 5.0 and What You Need to Know

WordPress is introducing a new way of managing content. The enhanced content editor, named Gutenberg, will become the foundation for customizing and building websites on WordPress.

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