Forecasting cash flow, abstract photo of charts on a laptop.

Technology for Business: Forecasting Cash Flow

Ever wondered if there’s a better way to understand your business’s financial future than spreadsheets and guesswork? Forecasting your cash flow is like having a roadmap for success in business management. What is the Importance of Accurate Cash Forecasting for Business? Accurate cash forecasting is crucial. It offers insights into future cash flow, helping businesses […]

Abstract image of a laptop with automated reporting data floating in the air.

Technology for Business: Automated Reporting

Introduction The explosion of digital data since 2010 has been nothing short of phenomenal. With nearly 90% of all data having been created since then, this era underscores the rapid growth of data generation and the critical role in managing and leveraging this vast amount of information. In this context, the importance of automated reporting […]

CauseLabs acquires SwitchWP and WP Client Reports - Announcement Graphic

CauseLabs acquires SwitchWP, enhancing it’s digital solutions

CauseLabs Acquires SwitchWP, Enhancing Digital Solutions with WP Client Reports Plugin

Illustration of a woman using AI technology to download her brain.

Use AI to Write Content for Your Website

In 2015 a World Economic Forum report stated, “Technology is transforming the world.” At the time, there were many news stories on its negative influences. After reading that report, our team was all in, vowing to use technology as a force for good. Technology advances rapidly and continues to transform the world. It was over […]

A colorful illustration of a fake eye inside of a computer motherboard.

A Case Study: Dealing with Data Breaches and Malicious Actors

When auditing a website that was behind on updates, we discovered a data breach where at least one malicious actor had accessed one of the servers powering the platform, exfiltrating data stored within that environment. We worked with the company and several third-party partners to immediately assess the situation at a deeper level. This involved […]

Human brain in foreground with various signals related to technology used for AI concept with man on the background using laptop

Position Your Organization for AI Success

Chatbots, voice messaging systems, and data conversion are all forms of Artificial Intelligence (AI) anyone who owns a smartphone uses regularly. Even tech designed to certify if you’re a real person is one of the many forms of AI.  Technology should make life easier, and AI is a glowing example of how that mission continues […]

Young happy team working together uisng laptops on table

Must-Have Affordable Tools to Streamline Daily Operations

Anyone building an organization or business from the ground up knows you have to wear a lot of proverbial hats when starting out. Large companies have the luxury of full departments to enact their marketing plans or manage their books. Fortunately, with so many apps and programs available, finding affordable tools to streamline daily operations […]

Illustration of a computer with data being backed up.

Good Business Practices: The Case for Daily Website Backups

As more and more business operations move online, the importance of website security and reliability cannot be overstated. One of the most basic but critical measures any business can take in website maintenance is performing daily website backups. It may seem like a mundane task. However, the potential costs of not doing so can be […]

Illustration of a woman in an office working on a computer.

Sustainable Digital Stewardship: A New Way to Build for the Web

For over a decade, CauseLabs has been building for the web. Through hundreds of projects, reaching millions of people with digital technology, we know that it has exponentially compounding impacts, both positive and negative, on your organization. By understanding these impacts we have learned to be good digital stewards of the web products we deliver […]

Text overlaying the image of a computer: How to clear your cache

How To Clear Your Browser Cache

Clearing your cache is a great first step to troubleshooting a website that starts acting strangely all of a sudden, but what exactly does it mean and how do you go about clearing your browser cache?

abstract map and a location pinpoint on a smartphone

Why Location Jittering is Important

We live in an age where everyone is glued to their phones. It’s difficult to imagine leaving home without them, but we don’t often consider how much information our phones might share without our knowledge or consent. Sharing your location is not inherently bad or dangerous. The data gathered and the organizations that receive it […]

AI drawing of a hacker on a computer

Protecting Your Nonprofit Website From Hackers

Hacking has only been illegal since 1986, so it’s a relatively new crime that can be difficult to get ahead of. Hackers target valuable and vulnerable websites. Nonprofit websites frequently collect valuable information and have little security against information theft. Protecting your nonprofit website is crucial to keeping your community safe. Why Do Hackers Target […]

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