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Didn’t we all aim to start good businesses? Many build businesses because they see a need for a product or service in their community or the greater market. Other business owners create solutions where they might succeed at a job they love. Some combine a blend of these two approaches.

Running a business is messy

Regardless of how or why we start our businesses, we realize over time that success depends on more than passion. We must also have an understanding of legal, accounting, marketing, technology, strategy, management, and other business practices that help our companies thrive and grow. In many cases, we look for outside assistance anywhere we can find it to get a handle on the business. Sometimes, it gets messy. Sometimes, somewhere along our journey of running our businesses, it starts to become just business.

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Finding our way back to better business

While CauseLabs started as a technology company, we realized that over time that we offer the strategies and tools of an impact accelerator. Unlike other accelerators, we don’t have a scripted training program. What we offer is the mindset and the experience to facilitate transforming businesses. Whether they are adapting to new technologies or using existing tools, our goal has been to help companies do business better. This ranges from better processes to better sustainability plans to better product offers, but above all, we care most about helping companies be better for their community. We are able to do this because this is how we strive to operate, and as we grow, learn, and evolve, we are bringing our partners alongside us so that we are fostering a collaborative community of good.

Starting with why for good business

We have in the past struggled with defining our industry. While by most standards we are a marketing company because websites and web services fall under the marketing department, we have always offered services that extend beyond marketing and affect the operational side of a business. We offer strategy, automation of processes, and integrations that serve more than bringing in new leads. In some cases, it transforms organizations to step into these new digital spaces. In some cases, we are the R&D arm proving the model for adopting technology in new and different ways.

Despite the fact that we often touch the tech and move the needle with digital solutions… we are starting to recognize that CauseLabs is not a tech company focused on impact. CauseLabs is an impact company focused on technology. There is a distinct difference. Our mission, our values, and our passions speak to our impact. This is our “WHY”. Our experience and expertise is deeply rooted in technology. We believe that technology is and will continue transforming our world and is a tool for scaling impact. We want to be drivers for using technology for good. This is our “HOW”. We work with companies who want to do good business and we help them find their “WHY” or “HOW” – that is “WHAT” we do best.

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