Values-Based Giving: A Holiday Gift Guide

We’re quickly approaching the holiday season, and around the world, people are planning gatherings and gift givings. On average, people spend about $1,000 on winter holiday purchases each year. Values-based giving allows you to give some of that money back to a non-profit or other worthwhile organization with your holiday gifting. 

What is Values-Based Giving?

Values-based giving means providing someone with a gift based on the organization that provides it and what it stands for instead of just giving people stuff. 

People typically don’t just want more stuff. It’s powerful to pay attention to where your money is going and make a statement with your spending. Your loved ones will get to experience the feeling of giving back and receiving if you support an organization that is important to both of you. 

Benefits of Values-Based Giving

Personal gift-giving is one of the ways people show love to one another. If you’re already planning on giving someone a gift, you likely know what they care about. There are causes and companies out there that support the same values.  

Values-based giving is influential because:

  • It’s More Thoughtful. There are a wide variety of charitable organizations, and within each cause, there are various products to choose from. You can be intentional about where you shop and the organizations that can benefit from your impact.
  • It’s More Personal. With values-based giving, not only are you giving something tangible, you’re contributing to something they care about. 
  • You Make a Bigger Impact. With an extensive range of causes in need of support, you can make a difference for a community you care about by donating with your purchase. 

“We practice values-based gifting in our family. Now that our daughters are older, they understand the impact of their dollars — both while gifting at the holidays and while making every day household purchases. It’s extra special when a gift can come with a story of impact.”

Sheryle Gillihan, CauseLabs CEO

Getting Started with Gifts that Give Back

Your holiday gifting process might already be overwhelming, so adding a new step sounds daunting. But giving back and letting your values drive your purchases doesn’t have to be stressful. 

Make values-based giving simple this holiday season by:

  • Outlining Your Values. Decide what’s important to you. What communities do you want to uplift? If you could change one thing about the world right now, what would it be? This exercise can help you put your gift-giving dollars where your values are. You also can complete the exercise with a physical card deck instead of an online tool, if you prefer.
  • Identify the Causes and Companies that Align with Your Values. Someone out there shares the values you outlined, and you can find them with a quick Google search. It could be a charity or a small business, but it’s worth seeking them out. 
  • Make a Giving Plan. Now that you’ve found the causes and companies you feel good investing in, map out what products the people in your life might appreciate from them. They may appreciate it because of the product, where the money went, or hopefully both.  

Values-Based Giving Holiday Gift Guide

Supporting social good is one of the greatest gifts you can give. There are plenty of organizations to choose from that offer ethical gifts and impact our world for the better.

Give the gift of sustainability with:

TruEarth Laundry Detergent Sheets - Values-Based Giving for Eco-Friendly Values.
  • Humankind personal care products for those interested in ridding our planet of single-use plastics.
  • Sand Cloud towels and beach blankets in support of marine conservation.
  • Cadence travel-sized containers made out of recycled plastic to reduce the number of single-use plastics that end up in the ocean.
  • Notes candle refill kits to reduce candle waste.
  • Impala Skate vegan skates, skateboards, and accessories with a socially responsible and transparent supply chain. They partner with many other causes too.
  • Tru Earth sheets of household cleaning products help reduce plastic laundry jug waste. 
  • Bonnie Wright’s new book, “Go Gently.” Ginny Weasley from the Harry Potter franchise is now a Greenpeace ambassador. Her new book and downloadable worksheet helps to raise awareness of steps we can each take to reduce waste and embrace sustainability. 

Give the gift of education with:

  • State bags and backpacks for all ages. State also donates fully-packed backpacks to children and families in need.
  • Sawa Sawa handcrafted accessories are made by artists in Kenya. The company aims to empower and help keep the women and girls of Kenya in school.
  • Tatcha skincare products that fund education equality worldwide.

Give the gift of connection from:

  • Our Place kitchenware products help uplift the voices of marginalized communities and encourage sharing stories and meals.
  • Packed with Purpose curated gift boxes that support various causes, including a family game night set that includes products whose proceeds provide meals to those in need.
  • Brightland artisan oils and vinegars are sourced from family-run farms across the US.

Give the gift of compassion with:

  • The Elephant Project stuffed animals whose proceeds support saving elephants and endangered big cats.
  • The Giving Keys jewelry provides resources and support that people need to transition out of homelessness. 
  • Thistle Farms candles and bath products are aimed at providing sanctuary for women who are survivors of abuse.

Give the gift of hope from:

  • Corkcicle drinkware and coolers fund the effort to provide clean drinking water globally.
  • Noonday Collection accessories and decor to help people worldwide find dignified jobs and support their families.
  • One Hope Wine with wine purchases that contribute to the cause of your choice.

Give the gift of security with:

  • Greyston baked goods to help those who are deemed hard-to-employ find jobs.
  • Cailini home goods are aimed at bringing people out of homelessness.
  • Raven and Lily accessories and home decor to encourage women in business and other roles traditionally occupied by men.

Give the gift of freedom from:

  • Purpose Jewelry, a jewelry company helping women and girls escape human trafficking. 
  • Freedom Company luxury apparel with the mission of worldwide social justice through a new specific cause each year.
  • Black Rifle Coffee, a veteran-founded coffee brand helping service-members transition from military to civilian life.

How CauseLabs Can Help

There are countless ways you can hunt for holiday gifts and give back to the causes most important to you. Your family and friends will appreciate the thought and care behind your purchase, and you can feel good about where your money is going. 

Values-based giving is a socially responsible way to approach the holiday season and support the companies that align with your values.

CauseLabs supports companies doing good, and we work hard to be one ourselves. Contact CauseLabs to help you use technology to expand the impact of the good your company is doing.

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