First Managing Director Named at CauseLabs

TEXAS — CauseLabs celebrates the announcement of a new Managing Director role. Sometimes, as a business owner, you just know when you find the right employee. That’s what happened when CauseLabs hired Rebecca Colgate.

Fast forward through nearly a decade of growth and change, and CauseLabs is thrilled to announce Colgate as its first managing director.

“I don’t know if CauseLabs would have survived without Rebecca,” said Sheryle Gillihan, CauseLabs’ co-owner. “She’s always been someone I could trust, and I value that so much.”

The Addition of a Managing Director Role

As managing director, Colgate will help the technology company’s owners, Michael and Sheryle Gillihan, fulfill their mission to use technology as a force for good in the world.

Colgate lives CauseLabs’s values of being a responsible citizen of the planet and caring for others, Sheryle Gillihan said. She added that Rebecca Colgate is loyal to CauseLabs’ purpose and owners.

“I don’t know if I would have been able to make the decisions that I’ve made without her support, without her by my side, and without her championing and trusting that I could lead our company through good and tough times,” Gillihan said.

“When Michael, Rebecca, and I get together, business things just happen and they work. Our team really compliments each other. We’re good at having tough conversations and making important decisions for the company.”

Colgate joined CauseLabs in 2014. During her tenure, she’s had many roles, including championing CauseLabs’ culture and team wellbeing. Colgate has been the company’s B Keeper since 2015, overseeing their efforts to enact transparent, environmentally, and socially beneficial business practices. She is passionate about using business and technology as a force for good, educating others on the B movement, and positively impacting the world.

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