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2023 in Review: 10 Major Advances That Affect Your Websites

As we step into 2024, we reflect on the major technological and digital advancements that have shaped the online landscape and our services as we develop websites. For website owners, staying up-to-date with these changes is essential for maintaining a competitive edge and delivering a seamless user experience. In this article, we’ll take a closer […]

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Nonprofit Websites are Evolving: New Trends to Watch in 2024

Nonprofit websites, like all businesses online, are constantly evolving. It’s not simply because of the evolution of technology, though that is a factor. Customer behavior is a big factor in how we present ourselves. Like creating the perfect storefront to attract attention or crafting the best news headline for the morning paper, our websites have […]

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Adapting to Change: How to Pivot Your Nonprofit Website in Uncertain Times

Uncertain times can really shake things up for nonprofit organizations. Your organization must be prepared to deal with challenges like reduced funding and greater demand for services. It can also be tough to keep your community involved when everyone is facing their own challenges. Planning for the shifting landscape is tricky. Your website needs to […]

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Why We Prefer WordPress for Content Management

As a web agency, CauseLabs works with WordPress for Content Management for a variety of reasons. We’ve made this decision for both internal efficiencies as well as external long-term value for our clients. Choosing a content management system (CMS) like WordPress or Squarespace for your website often comes down to what has been presented, the […]

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Sustainable Digital Stewardship: A New Way to Build for the Web

For over a decade, CauseLabs has been building for the web. Through hundreds of projects, reaching millions of people with digital technology, we know that it has exponentially compounding impacts, both positive and negative, on your organization. By understanding these impacts we have learned to be good digital stewards of the web products we deliver […]

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Understanding Continuous Improvement for Your Website

Continuous improvement is the final and most crucial stage of growth-driven design. You don’t want your website to get stuck in the aughts. The web is ever-growing and changing, and a continuous improvement plan will help your organization stay effective and technologically up-to-date. What is Growth-Driven Design? Growth-driven design (GDD) is a web design system […]

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What is Growth-Driven Design?

Building a website can be daunting. Building a growth-driven website can ease your experience and optimize your web presence based on real user data to support your organization’s goals. A redesign doesn’t have to take months of lead-up work or your entire marketing budget. Growth-driven design simplifies the process so you can keep up with […]

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How to Build a Better Resource Site

Socks strewn about your home are more difficult to find than those paired nicely in a drawer. Likewise, knowing how to build a better resource site for your organization can save your audience from chaos when seeking information. Having a well-constructed resource site is like providing your audience with an orderly sock drawer filled with […]

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Why Your Website Needs a Care Plan

You’re justifiably proud of your website. It’s one of your organization’s greatest assets, which is all the more reason why it needs a care plan. You can’t monitor your website constantly. What will you do if it goes offline unexpectedly? Websites have issues. Instead of waiting until disaster strikes, a care plan helps you proactively […]

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5 Essentials for Protecting Your Nonprofit Website

What would be the impact to your organization of losing all of your data or your website crashing? Chances are it would cause you to lose valuable customers and potential funding, not to mention the headache involved. Your website is one of your organization’s greatest assets. If protecting your website and serving your community is […]

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The Best Nonprofit Websites

Your nonprofit’s website isn’t just an outward expression of the positive impact you’re making in the world. It can make or break the perception of your brand, and determine whether visitors join you in supporting your mission.  The best nonprofit websites have clear messaging, design, and accessibility that centers donors, tells the organization’s story, and […]

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Gathering and Using Donor Data Responsibly

Your nonprofit’s mission is important, and you want to make the most significant impact possible. Which means you can’t depend on one-time donations and you invest time and process into using donor data to understand your donors. You have to cultivate relationships with donors. Using their data responsibly can convert one-time donors into recurring givers […]

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