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Building a Membership Site to Serve Your Nonprofit

If you’re looking to better serve your community, building a membership site is worth consideration. A membership site is one of the easiest ways to boost engagement with your nonprofit. A members-only portal can build relationships among your volunteers, donors, or the community you serve. It can also increase your organization’s revenue or help you …

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Learning Management Systems for Your Nonprofit

Education is a critical component of running a nonprofit. Whether you’re training volunteers or providing the community you serve with informational resources, you have knowledge that you need to share with others. When you use a learning management system for your nonprofit it could make education and training easier to manage. What is a Learning …

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Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas for the New Year

Your nonprofit’s mission is critical, and meeting or exceeding your annual fundraising goals means making a difference in more lives. At the end of the year, you may feel overwhelmed by the generosity of your donors. But it’s not too soon to start thinking about nonprofit fundraising ideas for the new year. Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas …

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User Behaviors Shaping the Web

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing user behaviors shaping the web. Whether it’s the rise in remote work, the increase in families opting to homeschool, or the boom in next-day deliveries, learning from these behaviors can help your nonprofit adapt to emerging technologies. What User Behaviors Shaping the Web Mean for Nonprofits Behaviors people engage in …

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Keys to Marketing Your Nonprofit

If your nonprofit’s marketing consists of regularly updating social media and hosting an annual benefit gala, you could be missing opportunities to connect with people who need your help and donors willing to assist. Creating a plan and being consistent in marketing your nonprofit is essential for growing and maintaining it. You don’t have to …

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Marketing in a Pandemic

Living during a pandemic is hard. Working during a pandemic is challenging. Knowing the best way to market your business during, and after, a pandemic is a perilous journey at best. Catastrophes happen. Storms bring floods and high winds. Fires sweep through mountains and plains. Plagues and pandemics spread across land and seas. No matter …

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