Sheryle Gillihan

Chief Executive Officer

Sheryle joined CauseLabs in 2010 and has grown with the company as a leader, strategist, and cultural ambassador. Growing up with her own poverty story, she has found her purpose in creating social impact. She fuses her hope for a better, brighter future with over 15 years of leadership, operations and technical management experience. Ranging from military to corporate to nonprofit sectors, she brings immense, diversified perspective and excellent coordination. Sheryle has served as a Girl Scout leader for 10 years, sits on several advisory boards, and empowers and equips leaders and project managers around the world on the successful rapid problem solving process she has pioneered with the team at CauseLabs.

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DALL·E image representing digital transformation with bright colors depicting a digital ecosystem.

Your Digital Transformation & Embracing a Brighter Future

Why is it important to evaluate your digital ecosystem? It’s evident in human behavior. Yesterday’s newspaper found its way into the bin, a clear sign that today, everyone is reading online. Tomorrow, our devices will not only display the news but curate it specifically for us. (Honestly, that’s already possible.) This evolution isn’t limited to […]

Red and gold holiday gift boxes, scattered on a brown wooden surface

Our 3 Picks for Holiday Gifting for the Greater Good

Among other things, CauseLabs is known for being a social impact company. We work mostly with clients who fall into the category of serving the greater good. We operate and invest our own dollars into causes that align with our values. And for the past few years, during the holidays, our team has shared a […]

CauseLabs acquires SwitchWP and WP Client Reports - Announcement Graphic

CauseLabs acquires SwitchWP, enhancing it’s digital solutions

CauseLabs Acquires SwitchWP, Enhancing Digital Solutions with WP Client Reports Plugin

A man looking at street signs - a guide for sustainable business practices

Sustainable Business Practices

A Blueprint for Growing with Sustainable Business Practices Sustainability is not just a trendy buzzword, it’s crucial. At CauseLabs, we believe that embracing sustainable business practices is essential for a thriving future. It’s about more than just recycling or reducing paper use – it’s a commitment to meaningful action and aligning investments with our values. […]

CauseLabs CEO Sheryle Gillihan

Time Management with CauseLabs’ Sheryle Gillihan

Time management is an essential skill, and it’s especially vital in a fast-paced environment like CauseLabs. And over the years, I’ve developed a system that helps me focus on what matters most, prioritize effectively, and ensure I’m always aligned with our mission.

Woman holds a phone - image for the post SEO Guide - check your websites backlinks

SEO Guide: How to Easily Check Your Website’s Backlinks

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial aspect of digital marketing. One of the key components of SEO is building and maintaining high-quality backlinks. If you’re wondering how to check your business domain’s backlinks and SEO score, you’re in the right place.

Illustration of a woman using AI technology to download her brain.

Use AI to Write Content for Your Website

In 2015 a World Economic Forum report stated, “Technology is transforming the world.” At the time, there were many news stories on its negative influences. After reading that report, our team was all in, vowing to use technology as a force for good. Technology advances rapidly and continues to transform the world. It was over […]

A desk with many devices displaying a nature website.

Your Website: A Digital Home Worth Protecting

It was the summer of 2001 when I took my first leap into the digital landscape. Swept up in a whirlwind of HTML and CSS coding, I painstakingly crafted my first website – a humble digital abode where I shared my thoughts and expressed my passions. This personal endeavor was my initiation into the realities […]

A man using a laptop on a desk with an array of colors swirling behind him.

4 Crucial Methods Small Businesses Can Use to Evaluate Website Performance

As a business owner, I sometimes forget about my website and website performance. It is crucial to my business, but if it’s not in crisis, then it’s not top of mind. And I’m a website agency owner! But that’s just it; as an owner, I have a lot of other things on my plate. That’s […]

Woman on a laptop visiting a website, environmental scenes in the background. Used for the post about WordPress for Content Management.

Why We Prefer WordPress for Content Management

As a web agency, CauseLabs works with WordPress for Content Management for a variety of reasons. We’ve made this decision for both internal efficiencies as well as external long-term value for our clients. Choosing a content management system (CMS) like WordPress or Squarespace for your website often comes down to what has been presented, the […]

Two wrapped packages with greenery on top

Values-Based Giving: A Holiday Gift Guide

We’re quickly approaching the holiday season, and around the world, people are planning gatherings and gift givings. On average, people spend about $1,000 on winter holiday purchases each year. Values-based giving allows you to give some of that money back to a non-profit or other worthwhile organization with your holiday gifting.  What is Values-Based Giving? […]

a woman tending a fire

Leadership, Perspective & Building a Fire.

After attending Opportunity Collaboration, I always return home with new friends, new stories, and things to continue pondering. Like some of my other posts, this is more personal and focused on leadership lessons. Some of the stories are alarming, and at this year’s conference, I was reminded again of how privileged I am to have […]

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