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Red and gold holiday gift boxes, scattered on a brown wooden surface

Our 3 Picks for Holiday Gifting for the Greater Good

Among other things, CauseLabs is known for being a social impact company. We work mostly with clients who fall into the category of serving the greater good. We operate and invest our own dollars into causes that align with our values. And for the past few years, during the holidays, our team has shared a […]

CauseLabs CEO Sheryle Gillihan

Time Management with CauseLabs’ Sheryle Gillihan

Time management is an essential skill, and it’s especially vital in a fast-paced environment like CauseLabs. And over the years, I’ve developed a system that helps me focus on what matters most, prioritize effectively, and ensure I’m always aligned with our mission.

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Leadership in the Land of Urgency: Risk Mitigation vs. Risk Response

Welcome to the land of urgency, where leaders constantly navigate risks and uncertainties. In this fast-paced world, leaders often face the dilemma of choosing between risk mitigation and risk response. While both approaches are critical in managing risks, finding the right balance can be challenging.  It can be easy to fall into the trap of […]

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Featuring Woman Owned Agency, a CauseLabs initiative

March is Women’s History Month, a time to celebrate the achievements and contributions of women throughout history. In honor of this month and even beyond March, we want to share that CauseLabs is a woman-owned agency that is making a difference every day through its projects and its operations. CauseLabs is a web agency that […]

Four women sitting around a table

Considering the Layers of Inclusion in the Modern Workplace

The need for inclusion and trauma-informed workplaces is growing and apparent. Becoming aware is compelling, but there is so much to be considered before integrating these realities into the fabric of our companies.  There are nuances to successfully integrating inclusion into the daily functioning of your organization, but the benefits are worth embracing the change. […]

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How to Bring Your Work Home with You

It sounds counterintuitive to how you’ve learned to think about work. Keeping your professional and personal lives separate has long been a focus. This post is not a proposal to ditch boundaries and work 24/7. Instead, what if aspects of work, company culture, and organizational values could enhance your life outside of work? Understanding how […]

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Leadership, Perspective & Building a Fire.

After attending Opportunity Collaboration, I always return home with new friends, new stories, and things to continue pondering. Like some of my other posts, this is more personal and focused on leadership lessons. Some of the stories are alarming, and at this year’s conference, I was reminded again of how privileged I am to have […]

A coffee cup and pen on top of a paper with the words printed: Gratitude Changes Everything

Using Tech to Show Gratitude

It’s the season for giving thanks. But the end of the year may have snuck up on you like the Grinch stealing Cindy Lou Who’s Christmas tree. Now you need help using tech to show gratitude this holiday season. This post will offer some suggestions and provide a way to weave the Thanksgiving spirit into […]

Rebecca Colgate with words "Managing Director" Rebecca Colgate on the left and Rebecca Colgate headshot on the right

First Managing Director Named at CauseLabs

TEXAS — CauseLabs celebrates the announcement of a new Managing Director role. Sometimes, as a business owner, you just know when you find the right employee. That’s what happened when CauseLabs hired Rebecca Colgate. Fast forward through nearly a decade of growth and change, and CauseLabs is thrilled to announce Colgate as its first managing […]

A young girl stands in a crowd holding a sign that says "change"

Earning Climate Neutral Certification

You can help your company reflect the sustainability you want to see for the environment. A fundamental way to do this is to lead your company to receive climate neutral certification. Not sure what it means to be climate neutral, let alone what climate neutral certification is? Don’t worry. CauseLabs received climate neutral certification in […]

Real Leaders 2021 Impact Awards

CauseLabs Ranks Among Real Leaders® Top 150 Impact Companies of 2021

CauseLabs is humbled to be ranked on the Real Leaders Top 150 Impact Companies of 2021. Real Leaders, a premier source for recognizing organizations that are making a positive social and environmental impact, announced the newly selected winners of its 2021 “Top Impact Companies” from around the world, which include well-respected brands of all sizes from a […]

Portraits of Lise Kingo, Amina J. Mohammed, and Alan Jope.

Leadership for a Global Crisis: Important Lessons & Lived Experiences

The United Nations Global Compact is holding special Academy Sessions centered around #UnitingBusiness. You can view the previous sessions and register for the future ones here. Below are my reflections from the first Academy Session: New Leadership for a Global Crisis. Leadership Starts with an Opportunity Our normal social constructs have disappeared and our day-to-day […]

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