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Red and gold holiday gift boxes, scattered on a brown wooden surface

Our 3 Picks for Holiday Gifting for the Greater Good

Among other things, CauseLabs is known for being a social impact company. We work mostly with clients who fall into the category of serving the greater good. We operate and invest our own dollars into causes that align with our values. And for the past few years, during the holidays, our team has shared a […]

A man looking at street signs - a guide for sustainable business practices

Sustainable Business Practices

A Blueprint for Growing with Sustainable Business Practices Sustainability is not just a trendy buzzword, it’s crucial. At CauseLabs, we believe that embracing sustainable business practices is essential for a thriving future. It’s about more than just recycling or reducing paper use – it’s a commitment to meaningful action and aligning investments with our values. […]

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Featuring Woman Owned Agency, a CauseLabs initiative

March is Women’s History Month, a time to celebrate the achievements and contributions of women throughout history. In honor of this month and even beyond March, we want to share that CauseLabs is a Woman Owned Agency that is making a difference every day through its projects and its operations. CauseLabs is a web agency […]

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Values-Based Giving: A Holiday Gift Guide

We’re quickly approaching the holiday season, and around the world, people are planning gatherings and gift givings. On average, people spend about $1,000 on winter holiday purchases each year. Values-based giving allows you to give some of that money back to a non-profit or other worthwhile organization with your holiday gifting.  What is Values-Based Giving? […]

Man wearing checkered long sleeve holding a shop local sign

North Texas Companies to Support

CauseLabs loves giving back, whether it’s on a global, national, state, or local scale. Recently, we see the importance of building back strength and sustainability into our local economy. That’s why we’re encouraging you to shop and dine locally this holiday season and year-round. For collaborators located near our headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, we […]

Girl looking out of the window with her parents for holiday shopping looking what to buy

Shopping with Brands Doing Good

Every purchasing decision you make has the power to change the world a little. The idea behind conscious consumerism is that it’s worth looking beyond the label to make a difference. Many companies today aren’t content with doing well. They want to give back through their products and revenue. Consider shopping brands doing good this […]

Wrapped presents - Brands that Give back text. A holiday gift guide to shopping brands that support sustainable, ethical, environmentally friendly business practices.

Shop for Good

Online shopping this holiday season? Start shopping early and support mission-driven brands that give back. Shop for good, ethically made, fair-trade, and sustainable gifts by looking for certifications like B Corp and Fair Trade Certified. By purchasing gifts from Certified B Corps and Social Enterprises, you’re not only giving a gift, but you’re also supporting mission-driven […]

The word Empathy being highlighted in a book.

Designing with empathy

Human-centered design (HCD) is at the core of CauseLabs’ empathetic approach to creative problem solving. This methodology defines a framework that seeks to better understand the needs, wants and behaviors of the user, and to best identify a technologically feasible and economically viable solution. By focusing on the end user’s perspective, their environments and routines, […]

A prototype drawing session CauseLabs did with DTFA for their website redesign

HCD Course Resources & Improved Virtual Collaborations

On April 14, the CauseLabs team signed up for the free Human Centered Design (HCD) course hosted as a collaboration between Acumen and If you’d like to sign up for this course, it may still be open for enrollment, but if not, they host it annually and our team takes it as a refresher […]

CauseLabs Mission Model Canvas worksheet

Part 5 | Working with the Mission Model Canvas

This is the last section of our 5 part guide to the Mission Model Canvas: your business plan cheat sheet. You can read our previous journals here. Previously, we stepped into the shoes of the customer and identified how we will (10) Engage and (11) Reach the customer; next, we budgeted (12) How much it […]

A person's hands writing and a Do Work That Matters coffee mug

Part 4 | Working with the Mission Model Canvas

This is part four of our guide to the Mission Model Canvas: your business plan cheat sheet. Read the first four parts here in our journals. In the previous article, we listed the Key Activities that will (7) Solve the problem; (8) Listed the Key Partners; and identified (9) What we need to test the […]

Red and gold holiday gift boxes, scattered on a brown wooden surface

Brands That Give Back

Vote with your dollar this holiday season by investing in companies and brands with a purpose. By purchasing gifts from Certified B Corps and Social Enterprises, you’re not only giving a gift, you’re also supporting mission-driven companies that are balancing purpose and profit by working towards sustainable, ethical, environmentally friendly business practices. We put together […]

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